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The Derby Dress

I live in Louisville, Kentucky. The first weekend of May in this town is a party weekend, thanks to the yearly running of the Kentucky Derby at the beautiful Churchill Downs. Every hotel is booked, the roads are full, and if you’re not attending the race itself, then you must be attending a Derby party! I have only lived in Louisville for a couple years, and have not yet attended the actual event, but I know I will end up at some sort of celebration this year. One of the things that makes Derby weekend so fun is that it’s an excuse to dress up in pretty dresses and wear BIG HATS! While I haven’t gotten the hat picked out yet, I DID decide to show a little Louisville pride by making a dress for this year’s Derby.

I was inspired by a dress I found online, both in color and content. I plan on using the New Look 6699 pattern, and I’m going to use this as an opportunity to use my amateur screenprinting skills. Here are a couple designs I’ve sketch out so far (using my new croquis!)… I think I am fond of the version with the bow, but I’ll have some time to think about it while the fabric is on it’s way.