Dreaming of the New Year.

Plans for Vogue 1102

Plans for Vogue 1102!

Have you ever had a picture in your head of the exact dress you want to make… and are then unable to find a fabric that lives up to the dream? I spent over an hour digging through my favorite online fabric shops and came up empty… so I guess I’m settling. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with a solid teal dress… and it’s not that I can’t make this dress again when I DO find that illusive dark brown material with a petite flower print… and it’s not like I’ll even be able to WEAR this dress until it’s warm outside again… I just want it all now!

January is proving to be a very, very busy month… at my day job, my freelance job, and in my personal life (wedding planning is consuming, especially when you’re a DIY type). I may not have much time for actual sewing until mid-February, so I figured this might be a good time to list out some goals I have for the coming year!

As far as this blog goes, here are some of my plans:

  • Design a logo.
  • Create an awesome custom theme for WordPress. I’ve started it, but I’m my worst design critic.
  • Update at least once a week… but really, as many times as possible.
For sewing this year, I’ve got a few goals as well.
  • Sew at least 12 garments. That’s one a month. No problem.
  • Get/Make custom “Steffie Stitched” tags to sew into clothes.
  • Create a custom croqui. I love the look of Mikhaela’s and plan on making something similar for me and the Mister! Speaking of the Mister….
  • Make a shirt for my fiance. I’ve got the pattern, I made the promise, now I need to follow through!
  • Make a horse-themed dress (and fascinator) to wear to Derby parties in the spring. This is Louisville, Kentucky after all!
  • Incorporate screenprinting into a garment! I have a feeling it might be the Derby dress, but we’ll see.
  • Make a dress to wear to my rehearsal dinner.
  • Make some lingerie. I’m thinking maybe the Ruby Slip?
  • Try to make a pair of (non-pajama) pants. I got Pants for Real People for Christmas this year (the non-sewing gift giver thought it was the funniest title ever… which it is) so no more excuses.
  • Try to make a coat! I also got Built by Wendy Coats & Jackets for Christmas and there are a few projects in there that I already have my eye on.
  • Attempt to sew a Halloween costume this year. I made a pumpkin dress last year but I waited until the last minute, rushed through it, and it ended up comically small :(
  • Make at least one stuffed animal. Just because I love to :)
  • Make some baby clothes. Not for me! We have some baby showers coming up soon and I would love to give hand-made clothes.
  • Finish Gertie’s Bombshell Dress course. I bought the course, bought all the supplies, and promptly lost steam. I’m looking forward to learning more about boning.
I think that’s about it! I plan on using this blog mostly for myself as a way to keep track of project plans, progress, etc… but I hope to make a few bloggy friends in the process. If you happen to stumble upon steffiestitches.com, say hi! :)


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